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To: Whom this May Concern,

I have known Mari for approximately 17 years. After having the opportunity to see her work first hand I in turn requested her to do the makeup for the cover of my Jacksonville Magazines, various photoshoots throughout, in addition to the fashion photoshoot for multiple years. Mari was always happy to make sure was done. She’s proved to not only be talented, she is also dependable, a person of her word, very compassionate and a hard worker.

Thank you, Greg Sessions

Paul Bullock
1070 East Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Dear Ma’am or Sir

Dear Ma’am or Sir
I am writing this on behalf of my colleague and friend, Mari Bennett. I have known Mari for
quite some years. When a project that required a professional make-up artist presented itself,
Mari was my first phone call.
Our shoots were scheduled over several nights in different parts of Jacksonville. Mari arrived
early, worked with our talent, and monitored them during each shot making sure they looked
their very best. Mari even joined in with with the rest of the crew on breakdown at each location.
Mari’s presence on the set was most professional. She took command of her responsibilities and
made our talent feel at ease. This created an environment where our anchors could then do what
they do best with confidence.
I would recommend Mari Bennett to anyone without hesitation. She knows more than just how
to make someone look good. Where she excels is making people see themselves at their best.
Her attitude and professionalism are top notch. She is a clear thinker and can make important
decisions on her feet. Mari Bennett would be a crucial addition to any team or project.

Paul Bulluck
Senior Creative Marketing Producer

- Hi Mari,

I hope this email finds you and your family doing well!

I just wanted to touch base with you about the “girls night” that we talked about the last time we met. I talked to my girls and we all agree on September 7th at 7pm. I was hoping to schedule a date far enough out this way you have plenty of time to work your schedule accordingly. Please let me know if this date and time works for you. Thanks so much.

I cant wait to show you my engagement photos! My makeup looks AMAZING! I tell everyone you would think I had the makeup lady with me standing behind the camera the entire time!

Thanks for EVERYTHING,

Sara Dennis

- Mari had a big challenge for our TV Series “ REAL GIRLS” because it was an all-girl cast. The end result was a cast the exemplified beautiful with a marvelous “natural” look. Mari made that happen!

John Lawrence

Producer, REAL GIRLS

Thanks Again!


- To Whom This May Concern,

At the time of planning my wedding I was referred to Mari by my hairdresser. She told me how Mari is a wonderful makeup artist and comes to you on your special day. Considering I was getting married in the hot month of July, that appealed to me very much. I met Mari and was immediately happy to know her. She was wonderful and genuine, I was instantly comfortable around her and glad to have met her. Mari did my makeup for both my engagement and bridal portraits. Then on the big day, Mari came to the club where the wedding was being held and did not only my makeup, but my bridesmaids and family members as well. We also had our hair done at the club at the same time, so it turned out to be a fun girls time for the afternoon. Mari's talent and work is absolutely stunning. She had a way of making me look natural, but with makeup. When time came to walk down the aisle I felt beautiful and confident. Mari helped my day be even more special by taking the work and stress out of it, and in the meantime made me look and feel my most beautiful.
Sandy White

I've known Mari for 8 years and not only has excellent makeover skills but also great professional management skills. A total go- getter accomplishing anything she tries. She is always looks wonderful and professional no matter what or when she is attending any event. Always has great advice on everything from makeup to hair to the correct clothing that should be worn for whatever occasion or profession.

Debra Hampton